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Are you wondering how to help Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Maria? "Puerto Rico, within the span of two weeks, received two Category 4, Category 5 hurricanes,” the governor of Puerto Rico was quoted as saying. Millions are without electricity, food, and clean drinking water.  The US Virgin Islands have been similarly hard-hit.  That's why California Republic Clothes is donating 1% of sales from now until the end of October to the Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund set up by the non-profit ConPRmetidos.  We are also directly donating clothing to the US Virgin Islands in their time of need.  


If you are able to donate directly, check out this excellent article on where to give.  For more facts on the hurricane's aftermath, this article in the New York Times is an excellent place to start.  We wish a safe and quick recovery to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, as well as to all affected by natural disasters this year.

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